About Us

Justop Limited has been serving its valuable customers for over 7 years since 2009. With its full line of quality computer accessories, electronic components, services and low prices, the company’s reputation is well received as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.

In addition to its own factory, Justop has overseas partnerships with manufactories in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Japan. It can offer very competitive prices to best serve its customers.
Justop’s computers are on-line directed to DHL, FedEx, Royal Mail, Palletline, faster and more accurate services. Most of the orders can be shipped out the same day.

Justop offers products to retailers, dealers and distributors throughout the EU. Custom-built PCs, network components, desktop accessories and cables such as HDMI cables, CCTV cables, networking cables, etc. are done in-house with quick turnaround time. Justop welcomes all contract manufacturing, OEM and ODM inquiries.


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